Activate your NetID

Activate your NetID. The NetID is a personal identifier that is used to access SU computing resources.

Forgot your password?

Answer your challenge question and create a new password.

Change your email route

Change your email delivery destination. This option is available only to certain sponsored associates and adjunct instructors.

Confirm your password

Confirm that your NetID and password are working.

Change your password

Sign on with your current password and create a new one.

Change your challenge question

Select a new challenge question.

Lookup your NetID

Lookup your NetID by your SUID.


  • Don't share your password with anybody, including your peers, friends, and family members.
  • Nobody at Syracuse University, including Information Technology and Services (ITS), will ever ask for your password.
  • Do not respond to any requests to reveal your password or other private information, including online and email requests.
  • Create a strong password, change your password often, and report to ITS if anyone is using your account without permission.
  • Treat your password like the PIN for your ATM card - as your secret!